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When is a casino bonus, not a casino bonus?

June 15, 2019 174 0
When is a casino bonus, not a casino bonus?

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That might seem like a strange question, but it refers to potential abuse of the casino bonus system.  Players who claim multiple casino bonuses are known as ‘bonus abusers’ and someone caught doing this will obviously invalidate their casino bonus.  Unfortunately and there is more than just circumstantial evidence to back this up, both online casinos and punters themselves may commit fraud.

An example of when a player commits fraud would be when one person creates multiple accounts in the hope or even expectation of receiving a casino bonus for each of those.  This kind of casino bonus farming is at best not well-received and at worst is an action liable to get serial offenders themselves a place on a black-list not just from the initial casino against whom they signed up for multiple accounts, but potentially from others too.

An online casino can commit fraud for example, when a condition of a casino bonus has seemingly been met and then the terms governing that are altered, obviously in the favor of the casino.  This shifting of the goalposts is thankfully not a common practice, but it is something that has to be watched out for.

On a positive note, the vast majority of online casinos honor a casino bonus in the correct way and they are a great place to play and enjoy your experience.  So when you sign up to an internet casino check the fine print and receive the casino bonus that you want.


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