/ / Pureplay Kills Closest Competition With 1.7 Million Players

Pureplay Kills Closest Competition With 1.7 Million Players

November 14, 2018 84 0
Pureplay Kills Closest Competition With 1.7 Million Players

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With the way the economy is going these days, it seems that just about every industry has been suffering. Strangely enough. The poker industry does not seem to have suffered much, not if San Francisco-based poker giant PurePlay.com is any indication of the industry’s success.

PurePlay.com is the online poker industries most popular site. They set a goal last year to achieve record growth and achieved it, exceeding their expectations. Being that they were the first play for cash online poker site of their kind and are the largest to date, people can rest assured that their money is in good hands with this site. They can trust it, and that is important at a time in life when most people do not have a whole lot of money to spread around on things that aren’t part of their bills.

The membership of PurePlay.com has doubled over the past year. With 1.7 million registered players, this site is ten times larger than the second largest of its kind.

Looking for a safe, fun way to play online poker? Join the million-plus people who are taking advantage of what this revolutionary online poker site has to offer. Safe, fun betting is important to those who get online to play poker and PurePlay.com is nothing but reputable and enjoyable to those who play poker online at PurePlay.

Quote from PurePlay CEO Jason Kellerman (Marketwire.com): “Our membership base remains unmatched among legal U.S. play-for-cash poker sites…our growth in 2018 validates our business model, which is to provide entertaining, challenging and financially rewarding opportunities to play poker with zero risk of losing money. We believe that our approach is geared for success at any time, but never more than now in today’s economy where ‘thrift,’ ‘value’ and ‘risk-free’ are watchwords in every household.”

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November 14, 2018
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