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Mobile Gambling – Our inspiration for mediocrity

September 5, 2017 454 0
Mobile Gambling – Our inspiration for mediocrity

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Mobile Gambling Our inspiration for mediocrity

What’s the deal with mobile gambling (meaning online casinos on cellular phones)? I mean do people actually gamble on the train while walking on the street or when attending important meetings? I joined the industry on early 2002 as a marketing manager for a small but rapidly growing new reviews company.

Latest Germany Ruling

Early in February this year an announcement was released that Germany is about to outlaw all online gambling activities
making it illegal to gamble and operate a gambling business in German territory. The press release stated clearly that “German authorities are targeting casino operators working from outside Germany and offering gambling service to German citizens”.

Same software- different brands?

In the 10 years I’ve been playing in casinos online I played in virtually every casino software that exists. While there are quite a few
it’s undeniable that Playtech and Microgaming dominate the vast majority of online casino brands today. And with good reasons – They both develop excellent software.


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