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Emotions Mixed As Ecuador’s Gambling Ban Takes Effect

September 5, 2017 562 0
Emotions Mixed As Ecuador’s Gambling Ban Takes Effect

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Emotions were flying high at the Montecarlo in Quito, Ecuador this morning.

The casino was forced to shut its doors to customers after a new law was voted in by Ecuadorians last year that prohibits casino gambling. It was a heartfelt closure for some workers.”I have no idea what I’m going to do,” said one dealer who wished to remain anonymous. “A lot of my friends and I have been knowing this day was coming, but to actually see them close the doors, it is a little tough to take. I just hope we can find work somewhere.”Now that the casino is closed, there are many that believe the future of the gambling industry in Ecuador will take place underground.

One manager at the Montecarlo, Pedro Sanchez, even suggested that it will be the mafia that runs gambling in the country. Sanchez feels this would be much worse for the society than regulated casinos such as the Montecarlo. The new law was voted in last year, but the government allowed the casinos six months to comply and stop gambling operations.

The Montecarlo was the casino that waited the longest, all the way until the last moment Friday night. By midnight Saturday, the gambling had ended and a new era was born in the country.”This is what the people wanted, and now they have gotten their wish,” said Enrique Suarez. “I think in the end, this will be much better for the country, because a lot of people were being affected by the negative aspects of gambling in casinos.

Those people can now go about their business of cleaning up their lives.”The fallout from the casino closures is expected to be widespread, with analysts predicting that over 20,000 employees of various businesses will be affected. At the Montecarlo and other casinos, over 3,000 direct workers have lost their jobs due to the new law.

The government did set up a training plan to prepare the workers for the challenge of finding a new job. March 17, 2012Posted By Tom JonesStaff Editor, CasinoGamblingWeb.com Submit News!


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