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Comment on Roulette Sniper by russell (Casino free slots)

July 22, 2018 188 0
Comment on Roulette Sniper by russell (Casino free slots)

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Comment on Roulette Sniper by russell Ruben is right Comment on Roulette Sniper by A-C

It does help sometimes but do not trust it 100%. More lik 60%. I keep winnning, then losing. I am playing very small amounts of money as my bankroll is tiny, but i could see it may work if your bank roll was thousands of pounds and you bet fairly small, you may win.


Also, it uses betting progression system, and if its wrong 5 times in a row, (which isn’t unusual) your bankroll will be depleted and you are wary to carry on trusting it. One time, i stopped listening to it and it stated my balance would have been -76. Lucky i didn’t carry on, it can be really wrong.

Comment on Roulette Sniper by M C

If you’re going to trial it, use it with the lowest stake possible and see how you go. You will win for a short while, but it’s the progressive betting that will damage your bank roll. When the roulette wheel doesn’t recognize the probability of certain numbers coming up, you lose big, and it’s hard to not just put that one last bet on as surely one of the numbers will come up on the 14th or whatever spin won’t they?

That’s the flaw, the spin outcomes aren’t based upon probability (especially in online casinos), but Roulette Sniper makes you bet in the belief they are, and encourages you to bet increasing amounts on it happening.

And because at the beginning you think it might just be right (it’s a program, right?), you tend to bet when otherwise you’d stop. If your instincts are to stop, always do so, follow your gut. My advice is to limit how far you’re prepared to accumulate any bet beforehand, and not follow the next bet the program suggests if it’s more than you’re prepared to lose (that’s really really important).

It’s also pretty boring waiting in some cases for up to 50-80 spins for a bet situation to arise, that could be 20 mins to half an hour of waiting for spins and then clicking the results in. After a few loses, you’ll find that more stressful than enjoyable. This is just my experience of it over a month betting with real money.

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