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Atlantic City Casino Counting On Player Insecurities With Promotion

September 5, 2017 756 0
Atlantic City Casino Counting On Player Insecurities With Promotion

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The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort is like any other casino in the city, needing to bring customers back after the recession took them away.

The casinos have all come up with different marketing schemes, but the Trump promotion is the most outrageous to-date in South New Jersey. The Trump gaming facility has come up with a promotion in which they will give away $25,000 worth of plastic surgery.

The promotion will be open to all card holding gamblers, and the winner will be permitted to mix and match surgical procedures until they reach the $25,000 limit.”We wanted to change the face of a typical casino promotion, and with this one we are literally doing it,” said Kathleen McSweeney, as reported by The Associated Press. “This promotion will allow the winner the opportunity to get the procedures of their choice.”Over the next month, the casino is expecting that the plastic surgery promotion will fill their gaming hall. Players can earn credits into the promotional giveaway by playing the machines over the next month.

On October 29th, the prize will be awarded, and players must have their cards in a machine at the time of the drawing. McSweeney believes that this type of promotion will be appealing to all of the people who have passed on plastic surgery over the years because of the cost.

With the economy still struggling, people are less likely to spend thousands of dollars on themselves, a fact that Trump Taj Mahal is trying to exploit.”People often want this surgery, but they’re reluctant to spend their own money to do it,” said McSweeney. “Whether it’s kids tuition, or the mortgage, or they just don’t have that kind of money, this is their opportunity to get it done.”If the winner of the promotion does not feel the need to have plastic surgery, they will still walk away with a prize.

The winner can choose to take a lump sum payment of $25,000 in place of the plastic surgery payment. Not everybody is excited about the prospects of the new promotion.

Several psychiatrists believe that plastic surgery can become an addiction much like gambling, and linking the two in a promotion could be a dangerous precedent. It is unknown whether this is a onetime promotion, or if Trump plans on holding this promotion again in the future.


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